Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wedding FOTD #5: Red, Wings, and Glitter

 I haven't forgotten about this series, but I've been a bit busy and haven't had time to do the full FOTDs that this requires.

I wanted to use a brighter red lip, but one that wasn't metallic or shiny like Dior Belle de Nuit. I also wanted to add a bit of color to my cheeks and a stronger - but not darker - eye. I think I really am going with red lips, but I may play around with some other colors just for the hell of it. Without flash, you can totally see my freckles. I have nose freckles. I'm not pleased.

Also, I can't quite remember what the hell I used. Honestly, the base makeup isn't that important for now since I assume the MUA will know how to cover my imperfections better than I can, so I'm mostly interested in the eye-lip-cheek combos right now. I'd love to hear your thoughts below! For me, I love Bite Beauty Pomegranate. Love. It's also fairly low maintenance for such a punchy red! Plus, I can trust S. to let me know when there's lipstick on my teeth. Yet another reason to like the kid.

No flash on the left, flash on the right. Flash is actually way more flattering, haha. The liner is a bit chunky, I know, but I was just trying to exaggerate the shape, and the Milani pencil isn't the most precise thing out there. Hopefully it conveyed the point. I'm hiring an MUA to take care of these things for me! Haha.
I think it's Smashbox Studio Skin, shade 1.2. But I could be wrong.
MAC Fresh Honey

Omg I don't know what shadow that is, I'm sorry please don't throw things
Sephora Long-lasting Liner in 01 Black, 10 Glitter Khaki
Milani Liquif'Eye Pencil in Black

Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil in Pomegranate

What do you think? Is this the red to go with?