Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NARS Mascate Lipstick

NARS doesn't usually tempt me; their lipsticks seem a bit blah, in general, and their cult blushes and other products often aren't paraben-free (though some of the newer ones, like Mascate, are), so I rarely bother to look.  However, I crushed hard on this lipstick as soon as I saw Temptalia's review.  It looked like a gorgeous, true red - one that didn't pull too warm or too pink.  The matte finish also gave it a soft effect that I loved.  Christine also wrote that it wasn't particularly drying, for a matte, which is what made me give it a try.  I ordered it from Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale (along with a multitude of other things, eep), and here it is!
NARS Mascate - Pure Matte Lipstick.  Comes packaged in a slim, matte tube, typical of NARS products.
I have a confession: wearing this makes me feel like a super model.  No, it doesn't shrink my thighs or stretch out my legs or fill in my - okay, that's probably a little bit tmi, but you know what I mean - but I feel all vampy and sexy and overdone (in the best possible way!) just like the eye candy strutting their stuff on the cat walk.  This would be gorgeous with slightly smoked out eyes and contoured cheeks, for an intense, dramatic fall look.  Or on its own with some black eye liner.
Taken in direct sunlight.
No sun. This is a truer representation of its color on me.
I know, for a girl who claims not to like bright lipstick, I sure have a lot of them, don't I?  Sorry.  I've been working on improving my lipstick collection, so that I have a nice selection of basics.  I don't really need multiples of the same kind of color, so I pick ones that stand out in some way.  I didn't have a matte, and I didn't have a strong red like this (Dior Red Serum is brighter, lighter, and glossy).  It leans maroon in most lights, rather than true red, but it's really beautiful, and I love the soft, matte finish.  It's matte without making you look like you just ran over your lips with a dry lip pencil; it still preserves your lips' natural softness.

The fact that it is matte means it is more drying that other lipsticks; I could feel my lips dry out a bit, but it's nothing major.  It actually feels pretty lightweight; I don't feel like I have a thick layer of waxy product on my lips.  The bigger issue is application; the lipstick has a flat tip, which I find difficult to use.  A lip brush might be useful, but I am too lazy for things like that.  You will need a mirror for this, and a good five minutes of patience and care - no application on the fly.  It does, however, last a good four hours, and leaves a stain after eating/drinking.

Try it if: You're looking for a vampy take on matte red that isn't too drying.
Skip it if: You don't want to spend more than ten seconds on lipstick application - you need to be careful and precise with this one!

Ingredients for Mascate.
$25.00 for 0.12 oz at Nordstrom or narscosmetics.com.  Do it!