Friday, October 31, 2014

A More Serious Commentary, Inspired by TV

[Tomorrow we'll be back to beauty, with a review of Sweet Anthem's Winter 2014 Lineup.]

Last night's Big Bang Theory "The Misinterpretation Agitation" (don't worry, no major spoilers, but I will talk about some of the events in the episode) broached the subject of female scientists and whether they should be "allowed" to consider themselves physically feminine and beautiful (Bernadette was approached about featuring in a "sexy scientists" magazine feature). It wasn't an issue that was resolved, and ended up being a throwaway subplot (disappointing), but it at least brought the subject up for discussion. I hope people are discussing it. I'm going to.

Amy argued that female scientists shouldn't be objectified or lauded for their physical appearance, but only for their achievements in their field and their intellectual pursuits. Bernadette acknowledged that point, but also suggested that publicity and a spotlight on women in science is also important. And, she asks, "Why can't we be smart and pretty?" ("Pretty" and its suggestion about standards of aesthetic beauty are irrelevant to me here; I take it to mean having an interest in one's physical appearance, as, say, any woman who puts on lipstick, or combs her hair. Basically, that's a lot of people.)

I wanted the rest of the episode to find an answer, or at least continue to address it, but it doesn't. S and I talked about it, anyway. On the one hand, I agree with Amy. She makes the point that a magazine wouldn't feature "men in science" in swimsuits or cocktail wear.

But on the other hand, why should women who choose to work in science (or any field, and in academia especially) be forced to adopt either a sterile or a stereotypically "masculine" mode of attire/attitude/personality? We shouldn't have to pretend to be men, even to be accepted in what was - and still largely is - a male-dominated field (how long is that excuse going to hold, anyway? Women were underrepresented in many fields, because they weren't allowed to go to universities or cut open cadavers or pursue interests outside of domestic concerns. That's no longer the case, and this is ridiculous).

And it's not only men who think so, by the way, and this isn't a phenomenon reserved for nerdy scientists. I just read this article on The Guardian about a female professor of ancient religion, who relates the same experiences. She's told (by colleagues and authorities of both genders) to wear unassuming genderless suits and no dresses, to get rid of her long hair and higher heels - basically anything that is considered overtly feminine. She should not create anything noticeable about herself to "distract" from her work. Men, of course, don't have the same rules cast at them. They can show up (and frequently do) to conferences and lectures and professional dinners wearing clothing with holes, or shirts that are falling off or shirts that are too tight; they don't have to groom their hair/facial hair if they don't want to, they don't have to pick conservative colors of clothing, they don't have to wear a certain type of shoe.

To be clear, I do not believe that conforming to a certain standard of professionalism is the same as bowing to gender-based pressure. If an office requires business-professional dress (within reason - there are confusing issues here, too, but that's not my focus at the moment, and I have less experience with traditional office-type workplaces), then that's what is required. When I worked in retail as a college student, we were required to dress in certain colors, with a minimal amount of skin exposed (for both men and women), and that was fine with me.

Of course, a fair amount of men don't hold this double standard, and I'm not railing out against men in particular, or of a certain age group. But I'm disappointed that a show with a platform as large as The Big Bang Theory didn't make an effort to contribute to a positive change in this area. Of course, there are perhaps more than a few things that the show gets wrong or glazes over (like the gross objectification of women, in general, or the rest of last night's episode where the guys fanboy over Billy Bob Thornton as essentially Penny's stalker), and I'm not saying I'm boycotting or going to enjoy it any less, on average. We need our comedies and our escapisms, like my blog. But, well, I'm always going to be a feminist - I can't just turn it off, nor do I want to - so I'm going to talk about issues that arise, especially if they occur in pop culture where a larger group of the population becomes part of the experience.

Now: I want to hear what you think. What have your experiences been? Where do you fall between Bernadette & Amy on this issue?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn 2014 Lip Love: Lipstick and Glosses

Everybody loves a good roundup, right? This is my autumn lipstick (and lip gloss!) game. (For fun, you can see my winter, spring, and summer ones!)

I'm normally about reds, but this year I'm exploring berries in a berry big way.

(Oh c'mon, like you wouldn't have done it.)

Also, mattes. I'm matte about 'em.

(Forgive me. I can't stop.)

Here we go: the autumn fab five in lipsticks.
Yes, I have the swatching skills of a lazy toddler.
Amorous, MAC Fashion Revival, Maybelline Divine Wine, Armani 609, MAC Living Legend.

MAC Amorous - super awesome dusty plum in a satin finish.

MAC Fashion Revival matte version of Rebel; deep berry.

Maybelline Divine Wine - drugstore gem. Dark red (more cabernet than merlot) with an interesting blue sheen.

Rouge d'Armani 609 - I pull this out when I'm feeling dangerous. It's so sexy. Deepest, glossy brown-red in a gel-esque formula.

MAC Living Legend - More purple and more matte than Rouge d'Armani 609. It is dramatic. I will try to review it soon, but I've had a cold and then my eyeball wasn't cooperating (couldn't wear contacts and vampy lipstick + glasses is interesting).

And now, in lip gloss.
L-R: Shu Uemura CR 30 G, Dior Enchanted Rose (LE holiday 2013), Maybelline Nude Illusion, Dior Etoilée.

For these, I usually stick to the opposite end of the color spectrum - I like lighter, nude lip glosses (although I own some vampies), and I don't object to sparkles, although having some sparkle-free options is also good. Are you amazed to see zero orange ones? Me, too. Just haven't been feeling them lately!

Shu Uemura CR 30 G - I only have a deluxe sample of this that was a GWP, but I would buy a full size (I'm almost done with the little tube). It's stickier than the Dior formula, but I like how comfortable it is; it adheres to lips and creates that cushiony feeling. Plus, this one is so pretty. It's a sheer coral with glitter.

Dior Enchanted Rose - my favorite of the four that I currently have. It's a great nude with gold sparkle. It was LE but I think there are a few in the permanent line that are similar, and the Dior lipgloss formula is my all-time favorite.

Maybelline Nude Illusion - perfect glossy nude with no sparkle or shimmer.

Dior Etoilée - gift from my brother, who checks out my wishlist and knows I like Dior lipgloss, ha. It's clear with cool multi-colored sparkle, so it works well when I don't want any additional color and want to tone down warmth in a look.
I fiddled with the color a bit, but LOOK at that sparkle. Ah, so pretty.

Speaking of Dior glosses, I have to pick up that gold one from this holiday's collection - hopefully the counters have some left when I get to Seattle. I also need to check out the NARS Audacious suckers and maybe also Givenchy.

What autumn-esque lipsticks and glosses have you been reaching for ? 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rebel's Smoother Sister: MAC Fashion Revival (Matte Lip Collection)

[Product was purchased by me.]

Ah, another MAC The Matte Lip Collection lipstick; (I also bought Pander Me and Living Legend). I originally wanted Fashion Revival too, but when blog posts surfaced, I decided that it wasn't matte enough and passed. Then I went to a counter, and finally decided to buy it after all. Yeah, yeah, no one cares, Larie, PHOTOS.

It's a deep berry. I know everyone loves Rebel, and I planned to get it, but swatched side by side...I preferred Fashion Revival. The difference in finish is everything. Rebel looks like an Amplified to me (and kind of feels like one), even though it's a Satin finish. DOWN WITH THE AMPLIFIEDS.
MAC Fashion Revival on lips, Shiseido Beach Grass on eyes. I, uh, don't remember what blush that is. 

I don't really own many in this color family, so here, my pathetic comparison shot. Seriously. That's all I had that was similar. And they're not, really. Point, Larie.
L-R: Marcelle Cleopatra, YSL Forbidden Burgundy, MAC Fashion Revival, Maybelline Divine Wine.

Marcelle Cleopatra isn't even close, but I threw it in there for pinkness. YSL Forbidden Burgundy is glossy and creamier and brighter (and lately YSL lip products make my lips tingle oddly, so I think I'm ditching it soon), and Maybelline Divine Wine is redder.
It is a bit dry, but it is a matte. So, kind of goes with the territory. This is after a few hours of wear.

It's also the lipstick I wore in the FASHUN post. I really like it. BERRY MUCH.

Okay, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Bad puns are inexcusable. BUT if you don't have Rebel yet and like the idea of a matte version, this one is still available! I have one more matte to show (Living Legend), but I want to know if anyone is rocking Styled in Sepia - it's so cool, but I could never pull it off. Did you pick anything up from the matte collection? 

(Have you entered my Mont Bleu giveaway? You should.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Giveaway: Mont Bleu Glass Files

I don't talk about nails much on the blog, because I find it tiresome to take and edit photos of my not-beautiful nails. I do keep them painted regularly, though, and trimmed for climbing. To help keep them in shape, these glass files from Mont Bleu are my favorite; they're so sparkly and also very effective (you can find my original review here).
Mont Bleu is sponsoring a giveaway of one set of three glass nail files (pictured above); you'll need a Facebook account to enter, as you are required to like their Facebook page, but it is open internationally! You'll need to also leave your email so they can contact the winner. Use the widget below to enter. Good luck! (Giveaway ends on October 31 at midnight, PST).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Perfect Fit: Eshakti Custom Clothing

[Features a PR sample.]
It's still warm here, but I could also see pairing this dress with tights and booties for colder weather, and adding a cute cropped cardigan over it. I'm going to have fun - I love dresses. I'm taking this to Seattle with me at the end of the month for our mini vacation, and will pair it with colder weather fare then.
Don't laugh, okay? I'm not a fashion blogger, so I don't know what to do with my hands and my feet and my face and my posture is terrible. But I am really delighted with this eShakti dress that I was able to pick out and customize to fit my measurements - it fits perfectly. Not too tight, not too short or long or awkward. It's made out of comfy jersey, and has pockets. The detailing at the bottom of the skirt is also super cute.
This dress would also go perfectly with brightly colored pumps, like fuchsia or red. Unfortunately, I don't own any, ha.

Being, er, vertically challenged, it is sometimes hard to find adult clothing that fits properly and doesn't drag or fall in unflattering folds/bulges. With eShakti, for a small fee ($7.50), you can submit all of your measurements for a customized outfit, or just select from a sizing chart (0 - 36W). It's nice to see the wide range of sizes available. I think the prices are comparable with buying an off-the-rack item and having it tailored, so if you have an occasion - or just want a few flattering staple pieces for your wardrobe, I would definitely check them out. Especially if, like me, you hate trying clothes on at the store.
Dress: eshakti
shoes: Vince Camuto
clutch: gifted
earrings: Kendra Scott
bangle: Kate Spade (gifted)
lipstick: MAC Fashion revival
nails: Dior Electric Blue
If you are interested in shopping for yourself, I have a coupon code: "eyeheartit" - get 10% OFF until 11/07/2014. You can find a ton of cute items on the website (they're based in WA!) here: and find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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It can be clubbed with any other promotional offer, gift coupon or gift card in the same order unless explicitly specified otherwise in the offer conditions.
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